Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Beetroot salad - mustard vinaigrette

Even in the winter, salad is a lovely part of a meal. Some people like pickles with their meals, but I prefer salad. Of course there is no stopping you having both.

Yesterday we had a sit down weekday lunch, one of those lunches where everyone eats something different, even though you’re eating at home.  My plate housed a mixed green salad with avocado, asparagus and watercress using the Long Family dressing, a traditional olive oil, vinegar and garlic dressing. I also put together a quick beetroot salad. I’ve posted the recipe before as one of my hors d’oeuvres posts.

I used to go to the green grocer, and to market stalls and beetroot would be bubbling away on a camping stove
, the earthy smell wafting along the road, drawing me in. Freshly cooked beets were ready to buy, and when you came to use them the dry outer skin could be rubbed off, revealing the rich deep red flesh ready to eat, sweet and cool. The supermarkets sell small versions of the larger lovely beets and both can be wonderfully dressed with a mustard vinaigrette. The onion is essential, and the longer it sits in the dressing with the beetroot the better – but it is still pretty good straight away.

Beetroot Salad Recipe
Four small beetroot or equivalent
One small onion
Mustard vinaigrette
  • Slice the beetroot to suit – I like it diced
  • Finely chop the onion
  • Mix with vinaigrette

Large teaspoon Dijon mustart
Large pinch salt
Generous grindings of black pepper
I tbsp wine vinegar
2 tbsp light oil (sunflower or similar)
  • mix salt, pepper and mustard
  • stir in the vinegar until it is well combined
  • stir in oil until dressing looks like a loose mayonnaise

Variations of ingredients and methods
  • Walnuts and parsley are delicious additions to the salad
  • A little whisk makes combining the mustard dressing easier