Saturday, 12 November 2016


Carrots are one of my favourite veg, although you might not think so having seen me throw out  a peeled uncooked carrot that the dogs have been carrying around.

This donated to dog vegetable wasn't eaten, because it was past it's crunch point, and the dog has too much discrimination to bother with it when it's soggy. It looked just like a bone.

This carrot was rejected three times, once at the point of peeling, once at the point of donation to dog and then finally at the pseudo bone point. But mostly I treasure a carrot. Snacked raw, grated, julienned and cooked.

I'll come clean (although it's hardly the right expression, due to my habits) I do ignore the trail of destruction the dogs leave a lot of the time, let's call it doggy decor, well, during the day anyway. I have a scurry around most evenings.

Soon to come: a series of recipes with carrots. Later today: carrot salad.

Get excited.