Sunday, 17 June 2012

how to use thirteen eggs

despite a coffee spillage, still looks good
The chickens have been laying very well, four eggs a day since the days started getting longer. One day it was five, however the next day only three, so that balanced out. Despite a soft shell issue, which means two eggs have been lost this week, that still makes a hell of a lot of eggs. 7x4=28 after all. So, 26 eggs in one week. I haven't managed to flog any (didn't really try), so today saw me baking. Carrot cake which needs 3 eggs, tart a l'oignon also three, plus two for the pastry, and tortilla which used five. Here are some pics.

If I fill the pan full it takes ten eggs and at least eight potatoes, and then I can't turn the tortilla over, as it's too heavy.
slightly low, but I can't lift the pan if I fill it full

carrot cake, with a hole from which a walnut got nibbled
I used a long loaf tin for the carrot cake. It would have been better to leave it to sit for a day.....

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