Thursday, 26 February 2009

birthday cake

It's my birthday tomorrow and I'm going to make my own birthday cake. It'll be wheat free and it'll be oranges and lemons. It'll be based on quatre quarts with extra eggs.  No icing per se. It'll be giving a nod to tipsy drizzle cake, with invisible drizzle. If you put it on when the cake is hot, it should pass through, so that when you turn it out you just get a bit of stickiness one side and moisture all the way through. I'm going to add extra baking powder to make it a bit airy, or I may whisk up the egg whites. 

whatever I do with the cake, I expect to raise my cholesterol significantly by eating the foie gras Nigel gave us 1 Jan, and drinking the wine he also gave us. I'll have a lovely green salad in between as a treat for my system.

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