Saturday, 28 February 2009

gluten free bread and stuff

Being gluten free can make you miserable. Even after the anger at not having access to the contentment that wheat can give you, walking around you soon realise that bread rules, especially when it comes to convenience food. Pastry, pasticceria, cakes, croissants, goodness croissants, that's what I want, the flaky fat pleasure you get from a mouthful of croissant. If it's not a sandwich it's pastry, reminding you what you're missing. Flaky pastry... filo pastry... all the lightness that can be created with wheat, that's why it rules supreme. And if you're not that into chocolate consolsation is slim. 

So I've been on a quest for gluten free bread that doesn't drive me back into the arms of wheat.

I've tried all sorts. Some I've even taken pictures of. None has given me bready satisfaction. Some have pretended to be bread, but once I'd taken a mouthful I felt like I was chewing through mud in bread's clothing. I'm all for earthy - but not in the form of bread.

My best alternative so far has been assorted pancakes. I'll run up another batch and pop the recipe in later. Some pancakes can be very bread-y. But fried, with loads of fat and eggs. Also I am desperate for toast, and that's not something a pancake can do, really. I think I want the bloated feeling, it is rather comforting. 
I'm going to go for rye. Of which, more later,

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