Sunday, 16 August 2009

banana bread

I'm just prizing bits of this banana bread out of my teeth. There's a lingering banana-y-ness in my mouth, a slightly sticky sweetness on my lips and a wee bit of a weighty feeling in my stomach. Perhaps that second slice wasn't wise. Maybe I should have waited for it to cool completly. Too late now, I'm just reckless.

The sultanas were a nice touch.

So, driven back into the arms of gluten free cooking, by a constant feeling of breathlessness, I had over-ripe bananas and visitors coming. Going back to the wheat thing, I started eating it again because I was bored with not eating it. Toast beckoned and I was sick of reading all the damned labels. I went for it, although I somehow never got around to pizza. Back on the gluten free path, I'm not going to mention it so much, better to just say no thanks.

So, over-ripe bananas says just one thing: banana bread.


2 very ripe bananas - mashed
2 eggs
150g marg
150g sugar (or a bit less)
150g cornflour
100g ground almonds
1tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp bicarb of soda
zest of one lemon
1tsp mixed spice
handful of sultanas

prepare tin, buttering and flouring or using baking parchment - I use a 22cm oblong tin

set oven to gas mark 6

peel and mash bananas and set to one side
beat together the marg and the sugar
beat in the eggs
beat in bananas and dry ingredients - I add a bit of mashed banana then some flour/raising agent mixture alternately, until all ingredients are evenly blended.
pour into prepared tin and put in pre-heated oven
bake for 20 mins, then lower the temperature and back for another 10 minutes
check cake is ready by inserting skewer - it should come out clean

cool cake for ten minutes on rack in tin, then turn out carefully

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