Sunday, 27 February 2011

choc chop cookies for 6 nations rugby

I maintain that rugby is better than football. With my knees you might assume that I have played the game extensively, but that is not so. I've only latterly admitted to my admiration for the game, and, due to my getting much too overheated watching it even on tv, I've limited my viewing to the 6 nations, with occasional lapses. It's very exhausting, shouting at the telly. I can't imagine how wrung out I'd be if I actually went to watch a match. I'm not very good in crowds and don't manage well with disappointment. Still, there is something compelling about watching men gather in violent, writhing heaps on a muddy field. My family put up with my repeated urging for my boys to get up the other end, pick up the ball and run, darling, run, interspersed with yelps of joy and pain.

In anticipation of the England-France game I booked in with my delightful neighbour and prepared for the emotional exhaustion by cooking a batch of choc chip cookies, with a bit more substance. The original recipe is chewy and quite flat. Kitty told me the chocolate pieces were too large - only once they had cooled, she didn't mind when they were melty, and she hardly had the chance to find that out, since she was scoffing them fresh off the sheets as they came out of the oven. So I added two handfuls of rolled oats, and I blitzed the broken up chocolate a couple of times in the little processor. The result was a slightly bulkier cookie, which needed slightly longer in the oven. Otherwise the recipe was the same choc chip cookies.

In fact I was so busy baking I missed the start of the match. Still, I'm not sure I could have managed more of the match, sugar boost or not. Thank goodness England won.

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