Monday, 7 February 2011

marmalade too

I have been making marmalade again. The smell is divine. I'd like it as perfume. The orangey odour wafts around the house, and really can't be matched. When the sugar is added the hint of caramel creates something irresistible. Eating last year's version 2 (recipe here), I think I must be a god, or at least an alchemist.

I am trying a 2011 second batch, with just the light soft brown sugar, and a little demerera. Jars are in the oven. Soon I'll take it to a rolling boil and get the jam funnel out. I'll post the recipe in a bit. As for 2011 batch 1, I have 27 jars on the shelf, only two have labels, and friends are offering to pay for it. We'll see.

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