Monday, 11 April 2011

oriental flavourings

I love eating salad veg using the dressing in this recipe (also below). The lime and sweet chilli sauce give an instant fresh and hot hit, and the ready made sauce gives a little sweetness too. Like all dressings, it's a good idea to taste it before pouring it, to make sure it suits you - depending on the sweetness of the chilli sauce, and how you feel that day, you might like to add a little sugar. I find there's enough salt in the soy sauce and don't add any. I always use a wheat free tamari btw.

other things you might add:
fish sauce (about 1tsp) - this gives an extra layer of flavour, a nice tang and is also salty
finely chopped coriander
finely grated ginger, just a touch
finely chopped spring onion

more later

·                                             1 lime
·                                             1 clove garlic
·                                             1 tbsp soy sauce
·                                             1 large tbsp sweet chilli sauce
·                                             1 clove garlic

prepare dressing:
·                     finely chop garlic
·                     squeeze lime
·                     mix lime juice with all other ingredients in a bowl and set aside

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