Saturday, 9 April 2011

Use all the egg... Creme Brulee and Meringues

Kit is cooking again. She knows what she likes, and how to ensure a fine patina of sugar remains on all kitchen surfaces, to prove she has been hard at work. That and the assorted dirty bowls. There is no need for CSI, although the sugar probably has her fingerprints in it, and no doubt the soles of her shoes carry further evidence, and will have provided a trail through the house and probably that of her dear friend across the road.

The creme brulee was yesterday's glory for the sundry folk who share her home (and keep the store cupboard full). It was very nice too, although the sugar was perhaps a little over brulee'd. Kit hadn't realised that meant burnt until yesterday. Today her friends have benefited from her culinary skills. I knew they had as I came in through the front door, as the burning sugar smell was still lingering in the air, and the empty, unwashed ramekins were  keeping the sugar company.

Of course, it's not very healthy to eat loads of sugar, eggs and cream. Still, it is cooking.

Meringue - Kit favours the Dairy Book of Home Cookery

for each portion of two egg whites, use 100g castor sugar

whip the egg whites in a clean bowl, until they are stiff and peaky
add half the castor sugar
whip a bit more until the sugar is included and the whites are shiny and peaky
add the rest of the castor sugar
whip until the whites are shiny and quite dense, and peaky

put on a lined baking tray (use baking parchment, no oil) in meringue-y shapes
cook at 1/4/110c/225f for 1 1/2 hours
take out, turn each meringue carefully upside down and cook for another hour

kit uses a bbc food recipebbc recipe for creme brulee, without vanilla pods and all that scraping, she just uses a natural vanilla essence. It uses a mixture of milk and cream, which makes it a little bit lighter.

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