Friday, 3 June 2011

recent purchases

It's a long time since I used a food processor. I can't be bothered by all those massive pieces of machinery. I'm mostly pretty low tech, but only in terms of what gets plugged in. I have gadgets and gizmos galore (I think that's a quote from the Little Mermaid), and I have failed to resist buying more recently. What I have done is to buy flat things, as they're so much easier to store. To come clean I recently bought:

a micrograter
much loved in the house, especially for parmesan, which it grates into a kind of froth, and we use much less

a grater/slicer
I might not have got the micrograter if I had bought this first, it has large and small grating, and you can slice as well. It's done up in red and white, and someone has said it's livery is a bit like an ipod.

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