Thursday, 29 March 2012

Date and walnut cake - easy

 A lovely cake that is somehow light and sticky at the same time. It has a slightly treacly flavour, punctuated by spices. I think the gingery tang I was tasting may have been my

I made two loaf cakes, using Delia's recipe, with two eggs, as my chickens don't lay large eggs. I was feeling lazy and used mixed spice, cinnamon and cloves, and didn't ice it, despite the lemon icing sounding lovely. 12 hours later, there's only one loaf left: I live with greedy people.

The method is nice and simple and uses two bowls, or a bowl and a jug, and something for stirring. No need for a food processor. The dates are primed by being soaked, briefly, in a bicarbonate and water mixture, to which you add butter.

This is a low-fat recipe, which giveth and taketh away, as it is high in sugar. But hey, walnuts are good for you, aren't they?

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