Sunday, 2 September 2012

choc and hazelnut biscuits, or cookies if you like

Hazelnut and Chocolate Cookies

I've been looking for a good cookie/biscuit recipe for some time, and then I came across this one. Rave reviews all round, along with much overeating on the biscuit front. The secret ingredient, because I don't usually keep it in the house, is condensed milk.

Depending on how long you cook these biscuits they can either be crunchy on the outside with a chewy centre or crunchy all the way through. If you can't wait for them to cool you'll get gooey chocolate too.

This recipe makes about 40 biscuits, if you make the roll about two inches/5cm in diameter. If you don't want 40 biscuits, keep a roll of the dough in the fridge, and eat within a week.

225g butter or margarine
not very round dough...

225g caster sugar
6 tbsp condensed milk
350g self-raising flour
100g dark chocolate
100g hazelnuts

Chop the roast hazelnuts and chocolate to a size that suits you. If you leave them too large, they will make cutting the dough into slices harder.
Beat together the fat, sugar and condensed milk, until well mixed and pale
Add in the flour and mix thoroughly
Stir through the nuts and chocolate
Divide the dough in two, and make two rolls about 5cm in diameter – using baking parchment will make this easier – and chill for around an hour

20m before you are going to cook the cookies, heat your oven to 180C

Cut into slices slightly less than 1cm, say .6cm (joke)
Lay onto baking sheet lined with baking parchment, leave some space between them for spreading
Cook for around 15m or until golden brown

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