Friday, 20 September 2013

Chicken risotto with chorizo

Risotto scares people off, as it has the reputation of being difficult to cook. Its true that if it is overcooked it can be like an unwelcome savoury rice pudding. The only thing you need to do is to take it slow. Even going slow, it is a quick meal to prepare, around 30 minutes including peeling, chopping and slicing.

half a packet of sliced chorizo
·         1 chicken breast, sliced
·         Risotto rice - ½ cup per person

·         1 large glass of white wine
·         Olive oil

·         green veg (peas, sliced beans, sliced courgette)
·         Parmesan cheese, finely grated
·         Salt and pepper
·         Two sprigs of fresh rosemary
·         Two tomatoes (tinned is ok)
·         Spoonful of balsamic vinegar
·         Good quality organic chicken stock
·         One red onion, finely chopped
·         2 cloves garlic, sliced
·         Butter


·         Fry the tomatoes in olive oil in a large/deep frying pan, until they are reduced, add the balsamic and set to one side
·         Put a couple of tablespoonfuls of olive oil on the hob, and add sliced garlic, chopped red onion, and the rest of the rosemary
·         Add sliced chorizo and chicken, and continue to cook for five minutes, stirring
·         Once the chicken has started to colour and the oils are seeping out of the chorizo, add rice, frying at a medium temperature for a couple of minutes
·         Add the wine, keeping the temperature bring the wine to a simmer
·         Now start adding the chicken stock, a small amount at a time, but keeping the ingredients just covered beneath the stock
·         Cook the rice for about fifteen - twenty minutes, stirring all the time
·         After ten minutes add the veg, stirring into the risotto, so it cooks properly
·         Keep checking the rice, it is cooked when the rice is firm but not hard
·         Stir in the tomatoes, season and add the parmesan

Let the risotto sit for a few minutes.

Eat with some nice peppery lettuce leaves

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