Saturday, 7 September 2013

hesitant cook - easy marinaded chicken

Having a chat with a friend, I found out she didn't have the confidence to cook from scratch. Since cooking is something I do to relax and love doing, this made me sad. And my greedy self felt sad too.

Watching the television, even reading recipes in papers and magazines, you might think that there were only two kinds of people: those who can cook, and those who can't. However, it's not true. Everyone can cook. Some people may find it easier than others, but anyone can cook, if they have the right information, some simple equipment and the right ingredients. Even experienced and confident cooks with every type of gizmo can have a disaster in the kitchen. I love cabbage, I should be able to cook it by now, yet I remind myself how easy it is to burn it at least once every few months, and have to rediscover the horror and delight of scouring pans as a result, or event throw away a pan. Bicarb is a great hero saving many a burnt pan.

So, if you are prepared to risk trying the recipe of a cabbage-burner, I would like to suggest a simple method to make chicken. Marinade it. Let pieces of chicken soak in a prepared sauce for at least 20 minutes, and then fry them in a pan. Boneless chicken cut into bite size pieces. If you use chicken on the bone, or larger pieces, prick them all over with a fork, or slash them with a knife, so that the marinade soaks right in.

You can make a marinade with ketchup, vinegar and olive oil, or yoghurt, lemon and oil. Include pepper and salt and pep it up with herbs, chilli, ginger, curry paste. Writing recipes is like being a dictator, and I don't want to dictate here, because I would like you, my fellow cook, to do your own thing, to be your own dictator and creator.

To cook, get a frying pan nice and hot, put some oil in and fry, the chicken fast, or cook under a hot grill, a couple of minutes each side for small pieces, five minutes for each side with larger pieces. I know that people like crispy skin, however, I would suggest putting your chicken into a bown and putting a plate on top, and letting the chicken rest. It keeps the chicken moist, and makes it more flavoursome..

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