Monday, 10 January 2011

chocolate fridge cake

I made some of this over Christmas, in case we got peckish. Hahahahhahahahaha! It was delicious, if I say so myself. And I used salted butter, which I like. I'm not a purist about chocolate though. Oh and I used non wheat biscuits, made with almond flour, and I mixed up the nuts, so my version had almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts.

I made it chunky, which meant it was hard to cut, so remember a small and flat version will facilitate the eating. Not that you'll need any help.

I like it if the two chocolates aren't so mixed up. If you're feeling lazy, just use a few more biscuits and make the milk chocolate one with nuts already in it.



250g digestive biscuits
150g milk chocolate
150g dark chocolate
100g butter
big spoonful of golden syrup (or honey – makes it more sticky)
100g walnuts
50g hazelnuts


o    line an 20cm/8" cake tin or 2 margarine containers with greaseproof paper
o    break up digestive biscuits - I like to smash them in a plastic bag, to contain the crumbs
o    roughly chop the nuts
o    put broken biscuits and chopped nuts into the lined tin
o    melt the chocolate in a bowl over simmering water, with the butter and syrup
o    stir to combine, allow to cool a bit  and pour over the biscuit mixture
o    press in to make sure all the gaps are filled
o    leave to cool


Goes well with a stiff black coffee.

Remember not to pour hot mixture into a plastic container - you'll end up throwing it away, or eating plastic.

If you don't have greaseproof paper butter the tin or container liberally, refrigerate and when completely set it should pop out like an enormous chocolate ice cube, without the ice.

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