Sunday, 3 July 2011

coq au vin

The summer is a busy time for socialising - in Olive Road we are bbq-tastic, and my recent shindig was the occasion I made a tasty paella, three times over. I split my time between stirring at the hob and dancing the night away. We've got a couple of opened bottles of red wine left over, and my mind is turning to coq au vin. You might think of it as a winter dish, but to me it is a wonderful dish for entertaining. You cook it in advance, so the cook can sit down with everyone else. I like to serve it with mashed potato, but it works well with steamed new potatoes and salad. The aroma is fantastic.

Originally it would have been made with a coq, or a broiling bird, a creature that had built up some good sinew over a long period. My aunt used to use old laying hens, but I can't get hold of them, and have resisted adding a chicken coop to my collection in the garden. Using the chicken available I find that the cooking is much quicker, about an hour. High speed really.

I'll post the recipe I use and the secret to my mash soon.

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