Sunday, 3 July 2011

tangy bbq marinade and coleslaw

For a tasty tang on your chicken wings – enough for about 12 whole wings or a butterflied chicken. Gives a lovely colour as well. Would also work on ribs or pork belly strips, or on a butterflied chicken. Marinade for an hour.

I know, it looks like a lot of ingredients, but it's worth it. Works well with a potato salad and some oriental slaw.

3 cloves of garlic
Two tablespoons of garam masala
Two teaspoons of ground cinnamon
Heaped teaspoon of Chinese chilli oil
1 onion, peeled and chopped into four
1” fresh ginger root
Two teaspoons brown sugar
Large pinch of salt
Two tablespoons of corn oil
Three tablespoons of tomato puree
1 tablespoon sweet paprika
1 lemon, flesh and juice
Heaped teaspoon of meaux mustard (Dijon mustard with wholegrains)

Put all ingredients except the mustard into a blender, whizz it all together, when smooth add the mustard.

Use as marinade on chicken wings, cook on bbq at medium heat. Brush on any marinade left over during cooking.

Oriental Coleslaw

·                                             small white cabbage or 1/4 large white cabbage
·                                             1/2 bunch of fresh coriander
·                                             1 capsicum pepper or 1 carrot
·                                             small onion
·                                             1 lime
·                                             1 clove garlic
·                                             1 tbsp soy sauce
·                                             1 large tbsp sweet chilli sauce
·                                             1 clove garlic

prepare dressing:

·                     finely chop garlic
·                     squeeze lime
·                     mix lime juice with all other ingredients in a bowl and set aside
 preparing coleslaw:
·                     finely slice the onion, cabbage, carrot (you can use a peeler to make peelings of carrot to put into the salad)
·                     rinse bunch of coriander and mint and chop roughly
·                     put all ingredients in a large bowl and add the dressing
·                     mix thoroughly 
·                     set aside for 15m

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