Friday, 1 May 2009

how I cook rice

family cooking lore (source: my mother) offers this approach for basmati rice

pour a small amount of oil into pan
warm the pan on low heat
add required quantity of rice, swirling around in oil until covered
add double the amount of boiling water as rice
bring to the boil, add a pinch of salt
lower heat so that water just simmers
cover with lid
cook 15 mins


As a guide measure one mug of uncooked basmati rice is enough for two people, when cooked as described.

all rice is different, even different batches of the same brand/type. The original recipe from mum involved sealing the pan by wrapping a cloth around the lid andmaking sure no steam snuck out so that the rice got all of the moisture, on this basis you could guarantee wonderful rice in 20 minutes exactly. Since I learned this method something has happened to rice, it cooks quicker, hence the change in approach.

I like to put a bay leaf in the rice, which gives a gentle flavour, brilliant with curries. You can do the same with a curry leaf, or a kaffir lime leaf.

I mostly use basmati. I know it's limited, but I love basmati. If I branch out, I use japonese rice, and follow the recipe on the packet.

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