Monday, 23 April 2012

Dutch apple tart

A weekend in Amsterdam saw me returning with all sorts of bicycle fittings, in particular a very large bell. In addition an unexpected enthusiasm for apple pie. This apple pie is tangy, the apples are chopped roughly, and heavily flavoured with cinnamon. I easily resisted repeated offers of whipped cream,- slag to the locals - and savoured many slices in the natural state. The biscuity pastry was delicious and intriguing.

I scoured the internet, found a variety of recipes, and made one in rather a hurry yesterday, to take to a family gathering for Sunday lunch. The tart went hot out of the oven on a car journey with a lot of hills, and spilled quite a lot of juice, the flavour was great, but I couldn't help thinking about that juice... Here is a very bad picture of the last slice. I had help with the eating. Better pics and recipe here.

Just a word about the pastry. It is really more of a biscuit. My sister asked if it was Betty's pastry, which is gloriously buttery and made with alcohol, and is biscuity, like shortbread. This pastry is lighter, as it's made with self-raising flour. Both have sugar added and have some egg in them, to help the pastry bind together. Both give great pleasure with the crust - and both are very easy to make. This Dutch apple tart crust is flavoured with lemon zest.

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