Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Refreshing spring soup

Spring is always welcome, all the buds and blossom, the fresh green of the new foliage. The sun comes out, and just as you start getting used to the idea of wearing less, back comes the rain and the temperature goes down again. That is when thoughts turn to soup, in my mind anyway.

Keeping with the nourishing needs of the winter soups, I like lentils or some other beans. I'm not precious (that's a lie). I cooked up some puy lentils, with an onion, bay leaf and garlic. Use lovely fresh green veg, a couple of handfuls of cabbage or greens, a leek, a couple of tomatoes, an onion and I included a pepper. Garlic, as usual, has to be included.

Spring soup with lentils

  • three bowls of chopped spring veg
  • two tomatoes
  • three bowls of water 
  • stock cube
  • garlic
  • pepper and salt 


chop everything fine, so that it cooks quickly.

fry veg and lentils lightly in a little bit of olive oil, then add the water and stock cube
cook for 15 minutes

eat with a spoonful of rouille

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