Monday, 23 April 2012

nemesis side view

A first try at the 'impossible to cook' chocolate nemesis, via the River Cafe referenced cook book. As it was taken off the interweb I can't be sure it is the original recipe. To be more accurate it is out of the Telegraph. The recipe is here on cookable.
it's about 3.5 cm high, 22cm wide, and dangerously rich
Impossible to cook? Well, clearly not, although had I tested it after the allotted time as instructed, with the palm of my hand' I would have had some thoroughly chocolatey licking to do, and probably a big hole in the moussey mass. When I do it again I shall cook it at 300C. Oh and cook it the day before, as it sets a bit. Still, on the day, or the next, few have managed to eat more than one  slice, no matter how uch they like  chocolate. 

Looks pretty good doesn't it?

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