Wednesday, 9 March 2011

red-cooked chicken

We jumped the gun with pancakes this week, and Kitty went to a friend to eat pancakes, so I indulged myself and made a recipe by my hero, Kenneth Lo: red cooked chicken.

In the traditional manner, I didn't allow enough time. Also the stock I used was highly flavoured, with a little star anise, a lot of mixed peppercorns, as well as garlic and ginger. Red-cooking, according to Ken, is slow cooking in soya sauce, red wine and stock, and not very much of them. Slow-braising in a limited amount of liquid makes the meat very tender and flavoursome, with no need of any other seasoning. Searing the meat on all sides before braising gives a chance to drain off excess fat.

As the meat was cooking I put together vegetables for a stir-fry with curry, coconut and lime and some rice as an accompaniment.

To skip to the end, it all worked out well, and I will cook it again, allowing more time, before I give details.

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